Thursday, July 12, 2012

Plastic Free, Despite the Heat

It has been tremendously warm in Saskatoon, recently, and despite my quest to live without waste, and avoid plastic - I was still able to enjoy a timeless classic, the Slurpee. Plus, it tasted even better knowing I created absolutely ZERO waste from my acquisition (and maybe even sparked some interest at the till, and for those who saw what I was drinking). 

The slurpee was halfway through by the time I got home, but you get the gist - brought my own re-usable mug, and my new stainless steel draw, obtained from my favourite store in Saskatoon - The Better  Good 

The straw  had a bit of a metal taste depending on where it touched my tongue - which I did not expect since I love drinking water from my stainless steel water bottle - so it's quite curious.... I shall have to test out the glass straws, too - perhaps I would prefer. 

Either way, I'll take a bit of metal to the taste, or learn to drink properly from the straw to avoid such sensations, to save some plastic from the stomachs of the baby albatross on Midway Island. 

What sorts of things have you done? Please share!

This one isn't really related to summer as one acquires bread at any point during the year, but I really love this bag that was gifted to me - and I wanted to share the glory if I have not already....

I buy about a loaf of bread each week; if not more - alone then, and just considering bread bags - in one year I will have saved 52 bags; + 52 plastic bread tags or twist-ties. Imagine how much can be saved the more people start doing this? I'm not entirely sure where this came from but I found it online, here.

Most people ask about keeping it fresh - and if this bag suffices. I have toast each morning, so I actually freeze my bread in this bag and it's just fine! For long-term storage I'd suggest freezing it in a container; and if you like it fresh, you can transfer it to a container that would be more air tight, I've also heard of some people putting it in those cake holders that sit on peoples counters (not sure the term for those)...either way - it can be made to work and it's extremely worth it - no more dealing with pesky plastic bread bags!