Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stoked on the Sask

Today I biked to school - took about 40 minutes and I almost died... in terms of - sketchy drivers...BUT it was doable, for sure...and then on the way back I found an even better route! Woot.

I ALSO stumbled upon an awesome organic co-op next door to the place I acquired my bike lights (Bike Universe on Broadway) ...I met some awesome people and one guy has offered to take my compost! How cool! He couldn't talk long as he was off to dinner reservations but I got his email...and I shall now save my compost, I just need to find a pail to store it in...sooo awesome.

I also got some sweet bike tips from a super cool guy at the bike shop... maybe he just wanted me to buy his products so he was being super awesome...or maybe he's just super awesome - either way, I DID buy some lights (and he confirmed that he would, in fact, be recycling the packaging they came in) and got some tips so maybe it's a win win.

That whole area is awesome though...unsure of the actual neighborhood but, as my friend compared it to, and I concur - the Kitsilano of Saskatoon.

Quickly eating some dinner before I head back over (via bike) to broadway for some MPAcc fun (Master of professional accounting). Given the quicker route I found, it should only take me about 30-35minutes by bike!  :) Hopefully I'm less sweaty upon arrival...mmm bike sweat.

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