Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bonjours mes amis

I find people want to help and make changes but simply don't know how, or are overwhelmed by the media messages and/or environmental destruction happening all around - they feel they can't do anything about it. (I too get overwhelmed, we all do, so I know how this is). Too many times have I heard "I am just one person, right?" and to that, I say, "NO!" And then I make reference to voting: everybody needs to vote to make change and even one vote can, and will, make a difference. Now apply that to the environment and, voila! You got it.  I am hoping that this blog will provide a great resource to those who want to know the tips and tricks for living more sustainably but simply do not have the time to read up on everything that's out there (believe you me, there is a tonne! And I love it!) Those who are busy and need a quick environmental fix - here's where you need to be! So, with that I say, welcome, and enjoy! :)

I feel the need to provide some sort of background before I dive right onto something I like to call Environmind. Whilst perambulating back from my run to the ocean today, and enjoying the wonders that are Vancouver, I noticed the reusable bag of a woman in front of me which read "nviromind." I thought to myself,  " that's odd" (I'm still assuming it's a play on word for never mind?...) and then it hit me... Environmind; not only the perfect title for my blog and future book, but the essence of the way I live. As I sit here and type out this blurb it becomes even clearer to me how perfect that word is, for so many more reasons than one! It describes me in an entire nutshell and I didn't know that was possible. You know in Eat,Pray,Love (great book, btw), when they talk about a 'word', saying that everyone has a word to describe themsevles? This is it! Back when I read the book, I tried to think of what my word was. I never ended up settling on a word (probably due to my indecisive nature) but I knew when I did find it, it would be something to do with the environment. So, there you have it - I have found my word; and my blog. How excitng!

A little background you say? Well, this is me. I recently moved to Vancouver, BC (September 2010) from Calgary, AB. Though I miss Calgary, I must say, to find a place that reflects, so accurately, my beliefs and values is phenomenal. I know, for a fact, that the way Vancouver is towards the environment has, without a doubt, made the transition to Vancouver significantly smoother. For example - I could never live in Phoenix, Arizona. Why? Because, in talking to my friend who lives there, I have learned that they do not recycle - not even pop cans!!! I can't believe it. The thought of that makes me sick. That needs to change, immediately.

I have always been 'environmentally aware', if you will. But, since moving to Vancouver, I feel my knowledge regarding the environment has expanded tenfold, and it keeps on coming. I love it! I can't get enough. It's been happening since day 1 of the move, but I'd say what really got the ball rolling was watching The Clean Bin Project. It made me realize that there is EVEN MORE I can be doing! And not in a way that left me depressed and hopeless for our world, and our people. In a way that was 100% practical; in a way that meant I could start that very night!

For anyone who has not seen that movie I highly recommend seeing it. After leaving SFU (where the viewing took place) I went to get Sushi with my friend - having sworn off all disposables mere moments ago, I was excited for the challenge! We chose to eat in (v. takeout styrofoam) and I avoided my napkin. All was going great until I decided to put my napkin on the adjacent table so they would reuse it. I think the plan would have been a flawless had I waited until the table had been wiped by the staff. Moments after I placed it on the table, the server came to the table and crumpled the napkin. My heart broke a little. But, it did help to know that that night, was the first of many days and nights, of saving disposables from the landfill, to come!