Monday, December 20, 2010

Chemical Free Dry-Cleaning? Finally!!

I know it's only a matter of time before this becomes more and more prevalent... now I can stop ruining my 'dry-clean only' clothes! I don't have to worry about scary chemicals, I can take them HERE, instead. Google tells me it's only about a 21 minute bike ride, or a 15 minute electric sky-train ride. Love it!

Thank you Helping Hand Cleaners, for making life (work/b'ness attire) a little less chemically.  For now, I think I'll keep gambling with the 'dry-clean only' clothes in the wash - but when I find an article of clothing that is simply too risky for the wash - I know where to go! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grocery Market Conundrums

You know, I used to love grocery shopping and I wish that could have stayed the same. Now I can't relax inside the store because I feel uneasy around the intoxicating amount of unnecessary packaging.

I went to the deli to get some meat and I used to feel so happy  giving them my container, providing a viable alternative to plastic... but then I carry on in the grocery store and am ashamed to walk by the deli counter again (maybe embarassed is a better term), I feel like they will just laugh at me. Why you ask? Because in my basket is bread, in a plastic bag, and .... frozen fruit, in plastic packaging. Now, I get that somethings you can buy bulk and re-use the bags and/or use cloth bags (spices, nuts, candies...etc) but what do you do when you just want some frozen fruit? Could we develop a bulk frozen fruit/vegetable section? Would that be feasible? Or, do true environmentalists just have to swear off frozen fruits? I know one thing, I need to start buying my bread elsewhere - a place where I can get JUST the bread - no packaging.

*re: the photo above: the plastic bag that the sandwich is sitting on has been re-used, and re-used and when it can't be re-used any more (which, in theory, is never, since plastic is ever-existing), I will buy these lovely products from Abeego.

I wasn't always like this, and that kind of scares me. It makes me feel so guilty when I think back to all the times I went to grab another bag for my produce... :( 

Another thing - there was this tea that looked so cute and appropriately Christmasy - "Ginger Snapish" or something... but then it advertises on the box, so energetically, might I add, "individually wrapped bags" or something like that ... it made me really sad. I wanted to buy this tea for my mother...since she enjoys tea, especially a cute Christmas one, but now I can't because, fundamentally, I can't justify such a thing. So now I'm without Christmas-cheer-filled tea, and I'm upset/angry at producers and consumers... you just can't win :(

Monday, December 13, 2010

Depressingly Ironic

You know what's the worst? Christmas wrapping paper, wrapped in plastic, in a plastic bag. Absolutely devastating is what that is. I witnessed it walking home from work today....

To that I say: fabric wraps or FUROSHIKI

I find the company, Chewing the Cud, has great selections.Check it out and save some trees this Christmas (and/or for many other present warranted occasions to come).