Thursday, March 3, 2011

Change is in the air.

Excited for change - it's near and I can feel it. A positive change, one that is going to be looked back upon as a moment in history.

Just saw the movie "The Economics of Happiness" great movie! Very inspiring. It really brought the terms, Localization, and, Globalization, into perspective. It provided concrete examples that I could relate to. It really made me question this global economy I am a part of; question everything really.

What is so great about the movie was that it's accessible to all.  I hope it becomes available for download online asap - this movie needs to be shown to many.

It's inspiring how much impact a group of individuals can have. That is where it's at. No more waiting for the "governments" and "experts" to do something about it - let's do what we know is right, now!

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