Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sudo Grey Water System?

I've been feeling really bad about the amount of water I use. Despite being hyper-aware, I still felt like I was using too much!

So,  I started plugging the drain when I take my morning showers, and irrespective of the fact that I turn the water off whilst sudz-ing, I still accumulate a decent amount of H20.Then, I just let it sit there until I need to flush At which point, I have a carton sitting next to the tub, so I fill it with water, and poor it in the toilette bowl...that's it, no lever, no wasting 12gallons of perfectly drinkable water! So far it's working amazingly.....

I havn't flushed in a long time and boy does it feel great! Plus, it seems to be a better alternative to simply not flushing and just leaving the pee in the toilette - it means I have to clean less, and my bathroom has less of a...."Hi, I don't flush my pee" aroma. Which can be a bonus, especially with guests using my bathroom :)

In telling a friend about what I've been doing, I found out that his friends are doing this too, and in fact they have a tank on top of their toilette to hold the water...so it got me thinking - I should find a bucket or something to keep beside the toilette. Because, one of the only downsides to this method is that, when I to take a shower the next day (or whenever I decide to),  the water is cold, so I'm showering with cold feet....this tank-as-a-storage-device may eliminate that ...but until I go the next step (i.e. find a bucket in the alley...since I don't want to buy more "stuff"), I shall sacrifice a little foot-warmth for a lot of water-save.

Next on my list of  "water-saving-techniques" I'm going to see what I can do about collecting the water I accumulate whilst washing my dishes.

Anyone have any more ideas? Or, experiences they'd like to share??

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