Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So...on my lunch break I was looking at the Ethical Deal of the day and as I was looking around at the website (of what the deal was for - Every Little Bit) I got an idea - one type of produce bags for sale looked exactly like the kind that your oranges would come in at the grocery store. And then, BAM!

When I got home I assessed the bag  surrounding my oranges, sitting in my fruit bowl, and sure enough - it was perfect! That bag now lays with my other cloth bags and will be used next time I hit the grocery store! Hoorah! ! Reusing and reducing is MUCH more fun than buying!

*I don't want to take away from the store, btw - it sells great items for reducing waste- I just like the idea (and I'm sure they would agree) that if you have it already in your house, might as well use it! I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner, though! I remember a while back thinking "I wonder if this is recyclable,or if I could use it for wrapping a gift...instead of throwing it out" - I must have been REALLY tired to not have thought of about it at that point!

Multipurpose at its BEST!!

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