Monday, April 25, 2011

to-go-ers in a to-stay world.

I can't help but notice that every time I walk by Starbucks (well, all coffee shops, but Starbucks seems to be pop up more frequently) - people are consuming their morning/mid-morning/afternoon/lunch/any time of day coffee/ a to-go cup. Why?

If it were up to me, to-go cups would be non-existent. I realize Companies have jumped on the bandwagon of disposables because it's a) cheaper and b) less work for them (i.e. after-the-fact-cleaning). And, perhaps you forget your re-usable mug at home and you're just dying for a coffee - OK...not ideal, but I don't even think that is the majority of people. Why use a to-go cup, when all you're going to do is staying, anyway.

Next time you walk by a coffee shop - take a gander at all those sitting - do they have mugs or to-go cups? I'll be you 99% of the time it's to-go cups...

There should be no reason for needing a to-go cup, when you plan on sitting in your selected coffee venue, to consume your beverage (of food for that matter). I realize this is, in large, due to the Barista's removing "to stay- or to-go" from their phrased vocabulary. Whatever the case may be - can we please re-instate that five worded question into the minds of those selling us our food/beverage? Or can we please remember to specify - "to stay please"?  Followed by a big smile/wink in an attempt to acknowledge your dedication to waste-free living?

Most people when I tell them this ask me if they even still have to-stay cups... good news for everyone is...they do!

Starbucks not only has to-go cups for their coffees and such, but they also have them for iced drinks. Tall glass...glasses! Perfect for your Tall Iced, No Whip, Non Fat Caramel Latte, or your  Venti Tazo Shaken Iced Black Tea Lemonade. BAM.  Just remember to specifically ask for it to stay...because they haven't got back into the habit of asking "to stay, or to go!" You can take pride in knowing you're bringing back a fad, AND saving the environment too.... win win.

So, if anything, remember this simple question- "Hey! May I have that to Stay? :)"

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