Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1: homemade deodorant...you and I are going to get along just fine.

So far, this deodorant has been superb. I wore it all day, and it was a pretty warm day today, too. Then after meeting some friends for a beverage, I was telling them about it and they rocked a semi smell test...pretty legit to do in the middle of a pub for sure...and unless they were trying to save face and not tell me, I think it was a success - I couldn't smell anything either. Later on, as a second check, when changing into pjs, I did the smell test of the t-shirt and, nothing! I think that means it was a great success. Of course, I will have to try it whilst exercising but in all honesty, I'm loving what I'm using, and the results I'm seeing thus far.

And, on a somewhat related side note, the makeshift travel edition of my shampoo/conditioner:

I re-used the bottle and just put apple cider vinegar in it, and then as you can see, the bag is full of baking soda; all I need is water. I hope I calculated my amounts correctly, and if not, it's not a huge deal to find some more of this stuff.  I tried to find an old pill bottle, or something equally small, to put the baking soda in but alas, I could not find one that was empty. The bag I used, however, is re-used and will never be tossed as long as I'm in possession of it. 

Now, in theory where I'm going will probably have baking soda but I figured I might as well bring it, just in case. And, the plan is to find a cup, or two, where I'll be staying (which shouldn't be hard) and then I'll be able to mix the goodness and bask in the glory that is. 

Just hoping security likes this idea as much as I do. If only I could powderize, aka dehydrate, the apple cider and I'd be at an even higher level of  good to go-ness, with no risk of spillage. 

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